Critical review of 3D digitization methods applied to the field of architectural heritage

David Lo Buglio, Livio De Luca (octobre 2011)
Communication publiée lors du colloque VAST 2011 - 12th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaelogy, and Cultural Heritage, Prato, Octobre 2011.

Abstract : This article concentrates on the epistemological aspects of architectural survey. It offers a critical observation of the technologies used in the field of 3D digitization. More specifically, the study evaluates the way in which the tools and methods used for the acquisition and representation of the data do or do not contribute to the enhancement of architectural knowledge. To understand the relationships between technology and knowledge transfer, we will carry out an observation based on a series of case studies. This is intended to highlight a dual issue of a cognitive nature: the first, perceptual, refers to the comprehension of the object and the second, descriptive, refers to the intelligibility of the 3D information model. This reflexive approach is justified by the fact that the main technological advances rarely compensate the methodological deficiencies encountered. Finally, this article offers perspectives for the in-depth study of all the cognitive mechanisms involved in the architectural survey.

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Lo Buglio - Critical review of 3D digitization methods (pdf)

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